About My Chibis

So if you have clicked on any special pages you must have seen these little cuties around:

Kirarax by [email protected]

I did not draw them; my drawing skills is questionable at best x"D
However, they are mine - the original characters belong to me, I have full rights to own them and use them as I want, and so I implore you not to steal any of their art. I will upload a watermarked copy here if the artist has included one for my use. Although unwatermarked versions look better, I'd rather not take chances over my cheebs ;w;

Some of the chibi designs aren't mine - I adopted them from their creator artists. These are called "adoptables". The only three (actually four) main chibis that I created are:

Charuru and Shiru

They're a couple! :) well they're actually modelled after my boyfriend and I.
Charuru is often moody, while Shiru is this super kind and understanding guy :3

Charuru and Shiru by [email protected] 


She's not the same person as Charuru. Charurin is the daughter(?) of Charuru. 
They look almost exactly the same, but you can tell them apart by the hair colour. Charuru has pink shades, while Charurin's is entirely brown.
However, their personalities are almost the same.
Also, while they can sometimes wear the same outfits, only Charuru wears the lolita outfit above, and only Charurin wears the short yukata below:

Charurin by [email protected]


Charurin's sister. She has two outfits at the moment, the one below, and a more casual outfit. Her head ribbon varies, she will always have a yellow ribbon for this outfit, but can have a pink or white for the other one. She's a sweet, shy character who is always sleepy. 
Kirarax by [email protected]

I almost always use their art around instead of those of my adopts, as they define my blog better. However, you might also see a few adopted chibis around at times. For example under my Cosplay Bio I have her:
Lilithelia in insect-mermaid form by [email protected]

Her name is Lilithelia, she's my first adopted chibi (however I designed this outfit, this isn't her original outfit nor is she usually in her mermaid form), and in my cosplay bio she's cosplaying as C.C from Code Geass ;) I thought it fits her well!

Currently I have 15 adopted chibis. I'm not sure where to post them here lol, and also there are way too many of them, so if you like them you can go see them on my Deviantart (link on top right of my menu bar). Their home is there and I keep all their commissioned art there.

I'm still updating my profile page though, and I have more art of current cheebs and I also have not yet put up all my adopts on my profile. (I have to work on my blog too! ;w;)
Please also do not trace or heavily reference any of the art, as the artists worked really hard!

Thank you so much <3

Additional credits (where I am unable to give them wherever they are posted):
Header image - Charurin cosplaying as Tohsaka Rin by [email protected]
Headshot icon in author's bio below every post - Charuru by [email protected]
Favicon (pixel icon that you see on my blog tabs) - Charurin and Kirarax by [email protected]

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