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Hello :) I'm known as Chachamaru in the cosplay community, I'm from Malaysia, and no I didn't watch Negima, my name was inspired from Nyanpire. I know you have never heard of it but on the very rare occasion that you do, please leave a comment! :D


How long have you been cosplaying?

Since 2013.

Why do you cosplay?

I love characters to the point that I wanna be them.
Haha no, I guess it's just a lot of fun to challenge myself to become different characters and be -not me-. 

Do you cosplay mainstream stuff only?

No but I'm pretty much mainstream, so most of my cosplays are mainstream, but there are some less so. But then I don't watch long-running animes like One Piece and Naruto. I have a weird habit of really liking main characters, but I guess that's not a bad thing in itself?

Who are some of your most favourite characters?

Oooh that's hard but my most favourite would be Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night. Here's a quick list of others I love too:
> Makise Kurisu
> Umaru
> Tatsumaki
> Kuroyukihime
> C.C

Note: I always cosplay characters I love, this is just a list of characters who I resonate with most.

What are your current fandoms?

Pretty much anything I'm cosplaying, but I'll just list the top five that have really good stuff that I've enjoyed watching immensely:

> Fate/Stay Night (& Fate/Zero) (well pretty much anything Fate-related)
> Code Geass
> Psycho Pass
> Steins;Gate
> Love Live!

and Nyanpire: The Animation, because hello that's my name inspiration.

Note: Again, I don't cosplay all the fandoms I'm in, because finances (but I'll find a way) and/or time and/or I can't do those characters. ;;;w;;;

Do you make or buy your cosplays?

I buy because I can't sew to save my life but I recently got myself a sewing machine and books! to learn how to make my own costumes (but it's gonna take a long time because I'm easily distracted)
Also sometimes it's cheaper to buy since I'm this annoying perfectionist who MUST have the correct feel or colour of materials, or accurate flower/lace patterns, and sometimes it's just way cheaper to buy complicated costumes from taobao or something. So for complex stuff, don't always assume it's gonna be cheap to make, since pretty materials come at crazy prices.

If it's not available on taobao and I badly want it, sometimes I'll commission a tailor to make it for me. That way I can discuss on the fabrics and pick my colours, as well as having it properly fitted to my size. I stick to around two tailors in general to ensure that they know what I want. I'm very specific when commissioning tailors who do not generally make cosplays, but when it's one who is specialised in cosplays, I'll often just send the character art and trust them to pick the right colours and materials. Of course, this will be expensive so it's usually just costumes that are intricate and not available on taobao.

Do you make or buy your props?

I can make small items, but not large props like weapons and wings. I used to commish someone to make them for me, but I dislike their inaccuracies, long waiting time and flimsy handiwork. Nowadays my boyfriend makes my props for me because he's more experienced than me.

Have you learnt makeup before?

No, I'm self-taught through trial and error while cosplaying. Before cosplaying I don't know anything about makeup and can't even draw a straight eyeliner. Practice is really important as you learn what works for your face.

What size do you wear?

Idk why some people ask me this but since I might be selling preloved items here, I wear an S most of the time, but XS actually fits me better. My sizes are generally 80-60-80 (in cm) or approximately 31-24-31 (in inches). General S costumes can accommodate larger sizes than these. 

Are you like, a loli?

If you mean short, then yes I'm like 155cm, or slightly just above 5". 

Who shoots your cosplays?

Sometimes photographers that I know, usually my boyfriend.

Do you have a page/fanbase?

No, I don't have a page, buy I have a Facebook account and a WorldCosplay account (top right on menu)

What do you get from cosplaying?

Makeup skills, time management, budget planning, photography, editing, marketing knowledge, a bunch of friends, a boyfriend ahahahaha.
Planning on: sewing stuff!

What is your stance on cosplaying?

I think that doing one's best is most important, as well as experimenting around with different styles for different characters. Often cosplayers stick to one "camera-ready" expression or a "fool-proof" pose, which is a pity as cosplaying is not about making you look good, it's about making your character look on point. I'm a perfectionist so I care about costume details, makeup effects, background location suitability and all, but nothing, nothing destroys an otherwise perfect cosplay like a failed/inappropriate expression and/or pose.

Advice for those wanting to start?

Have fun. Really.
When you have fun, everything is a breeze, and you'll forget all the painstaking efforts and sleepless nights. When you have fun, it shows in everything you do. Your expressions and poses improve, you're more likely to relax during shoots, you don't worry about props falling apart. And always, always research on the character, the background locations, the overall feel and work on them. Don't be afraid to try new things and go new places!

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