[COSPLAY] Re:Zero - Rem In the Forest

Hi! Today's post will be on a Rem shoot I did some months ago! I scheduled this shoot because I had a previous "night forest" one under difficult lighting and I wanted to see what I can achieve with natural lighting in a "forest setting", with the blood and all. I'll probably post the previous one later but there aren't many shots from it.

I have two photographers from this shoot, the pictures here mostly are from one of them (the other one only gave me two as of now, they are the first and last pictures in this post so I'll upload the rest when I get them). 


I don't want to spoil anything :( so I can't say anything. 
But Rem gets blood all over her in her "crazy" mode and sprouts a unicorn-kinda horn, which gives her power.  

I'm not really good at being yandere (I usually do tsundere characters lol) so I don't think I did my best, but the pictures turned out really pretty :) The forest area was also very cooling and comfortable to shoot in (it was morning so no mosquitoes). Also the blood washes off with ease so I had no qualms throwing it all over myself haha (but we left the bottle around and it was ant-infested in an hour). Super gross but bf dealt with it (perks of having bf around lol).
I also wished I'm a gymnast or something so I can do the somersaults Rem did :(

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