[COSPLAY] Re:Zero Beatrice

Beatrice was my second favourite in the Re:Zero series, even though she only appeared in a few episodes. Her actions and behaviours scream INFJ so I was able to relate to her haha. She protects the library and very skilled at spells, so I mainly shot in a potion room and a library-ish office, but also got to shoot in two other theme rooms (pink bedroom and checkered floor room) So this makes for a many different types of moods! Her wig was a pain to wear unfortunately, so I don't think I'll cosplay as her often :(

First theme: Potion room, where I imagined her to mix stuff for powerful spells according to the spell books in her library. It's a very pretty theme!


 Second theme: Checkered floor room. I just took inspiration from a few fanarts (and they had checkered floors!)

driving Subaru out

Third theme: Office/library room. There isn't a library theme and the libraries in Malaysia look NOTHING like hers so we went for this "office" theme. I thought it was pretty good except for the fact that there are no long shelves of books. But there are books.

Last theme: Pink bedroom. I imagined Beatrice's bedroom to be pink (I think it wasn't this pink but wtvs haha) and just had enough time to catch a few shots here. Forgive me for the Puck, I couldn't get a Puck plushie in time so I used my own. Which has stripes that Puck doesn't have!

It was a tough but fun shoot as we had to change the entire feel in every theme, but I'm grateful to my photographer for being so accommodating! I'm really happy with how most of the shots turned out, especially the wide angles as he's good at 'em haha.

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