Balloon Day

Aaahh I wanted to use the above picture as the header pic for some random future inspiration posts lolol. These were actually from the phone and not from a camera. We were supposed to have a shoot (so we got the balloons a day before) but got into a huge fight and I was super cranky so we postponed the shoot. But since we already got the balloons we decided to go to the beach and try out my wedges (I bought them specifically so I can be tall and walk on the beach.) They were a steal at around RM15 from taobao lol, super pretty too. (they shimmer and has really cute charms)

Do you see the shimmer??

It's so cute!
China: Making Cute Stuff at Dirt Cheap Prices Since Forever.
I told bf that I'll probably wear these for the wedding. He's like you won't be able to find it after so long. WHAT DO YOU MEAN. I STILL HAVE MY 300 BUCKS HEELS FOR HIGH SCHOOL PROM. I just have not worn it since prom lmao. Shoes are unimportant to me. As long as they look cute and are comfortable I'll wear them. The prom shoes are pretty but not comfortable at all ;;

Prom shoes lol because my prom dress was a lace one.

My hair is so long now!

Bae is sooo adorable 

Like me ahahaha

The shoes walked fine, much better than I expected so I wore them to the actual shoot. Unfortunately the dress was so long that nobody could see them hahaha. 

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