Ring hunting

So I promised a more detailed post on our ring shopping experience! We chose the ring together. Initially we just played with the idea of having a really simple, sterling silver ring not above perhaps 300 bucks. Just as a promise ring, nothing too serious. Later we decided we wanted something white gold so that it will last longer (silver fashion stuff don't last long if you wear them daily) so we checked out a couple jewellery shops in KL for the price and set the limit to 1k. And then we realized that 1k isn't going to get us anything good quality, so we set the limit to 3k. We ended up changing design options a few times too; initially we looked for an eternity band, then we decided we wanted a traditional engagement solitaire, and then we reverted back to an eternity band because we found out that the solitaires with the niceest designs that we both love cost over 8k and we don't have that kind of money lying around right now ._.

Some solitaires that were on our shortlist. They have heart shapes side profiles, so cute!
The middle one is the bomb but it's almost 8k fml.
Can you even see the 21k one in the middle? Like holy crap I want be rich.

We also toyed with the idea of purchasing a certified loose stone online from a reputable source and shipping it over, which after careful research shows significant savings if we had it set locally into a white gold setting compared to buying an entire solitaire ring here. It was an idea I really liked because I could view the certificate and HD videos of the stone and pick and choose from a large database; nobody could force me to buy one that I didn't like. It's also easier to confirm its quality because certificates (the real ones) don't lie and there aren't any salespeople to bug you to buy.

Shortlisting prong settings when we were set on getting loose stone somewhere else.

But he insisted that it's more romantic to buy one from the stores and skip the wait (because we need to wait for the stone to ship to us and then we need to wait for it to be set into the setting and it takes weeks), so fine lol.

And then we decided on a few eternity band designs instead, but I really wanted a full eternity (which means the entire band is set in diamonds) and Love & Co had one that was priced over 6k but did not have my size; custom ordering takes 3 months and we wanted our date to be in July. (also it was over our max budget of 4k lol). Every other place we went only had half eternity bands (only the top half is set in diamonds) which I like too but not too hyped about. We went to Diamond & Platinum to pick one of the Forevermark solitaires that they have which we shortlisted, but the manager ended up recommending the heart-shaped (V) half eternity, which we fell in love instantly (but didn't get it as we needed time to think).

But we decided to get it in the end and called all the branches in Malaysia to ask for the ring in my size, found out that KL had a couple shops that has my size, reserved one and flew down on the last day of July to get it and get engaged <3
Later we realized that it was the exact same ring that I tried on at the second shop (first DnP shop) that we ever set foot into. After more than 10 shops (we even visited the Lumiere flagship store on the same day just to ease my nerves and make sure no other ring matches up lol) and visiting 4 different DnP branches, we finally went full circle and settled on it. :)

Also we noticed that different shops had different policies even if they operate under the same brand: for example, one shop allows us to take pictures of the rings, while the other declines; one agrees to write down the ring code number for us for easier reference, while another refuses; one says that they could check if other shops have a different ring size or a different metal used, while another insists that those displayed are all they have. Lol. It's also funny how we were treated differently when different people served us: the nicer ones are usually the assistant managers or something, and the ones shooting their mouths off without any knowledge or acting like they're not in charge of anything are usually the normal salespeople.

I thought that it was overall an enriching experience although sometimes we were kinda worn out with the hunting lol. We were so indecisive because there were so many choices and I think I'm probably the most indecisive person ever. If we have the money I would just get a Tiffany ring because I only like one of their settings (and they have very limited picks so it's super easy lol). But we don't.

The Forevermarks! 

My dear making the purchase while I sit and eat food :D
Complimentary bottle of water when they think you're serious about buying something.
The food was for their in-house sale day so we had free sandwiches and cake for all our effort lol.

My ring is from the Estrella collection :)
Because Forevermark doesn't have platinum rings only white gold.

Wedding rings

(also don't from a shitty place like Wxx Cxxx, I hate them cause they super chinese-minded, they think if they slash the price with 70% off and scare us that tomorrow diamond price goes up we'll buy. Their rings also light as fuck (I've seen reviews where the craftsmanship so bad that the diamond was loose in its prongs, and their salespeople dumb as fuck (don't even know what's eternity ring/stack rings/try to educate but has all the wrong facts/trying to tell me that I can't invest in a platinum ring cause it won't be worthy to sell like fuck you since when I said I'm selling it/tells me that this ring is Tiffany setting inspired but holds up a three-prong setting like wtf you think I don't know how to educate myself?).

Anyway we wanted the future solitaire to sit flush (no gap) with this one, and to achieve that it's safest with a V-shape ring since we don't even know how the solitaire is going to be like. (there will almost definitely be a gap if paired with a straight ring). I love how delicate and sparkly it looks! It definitely looks a lot sparkly in real life haha. Here are more pics!

I wear it to sleep to shower and everywhere. It's a solid metal so there's no worry of scraping anything off it, and a yearly polish will get it back to its like-new state. :) I'm super happy with it so I know I've made the right decision!  

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