[COSPLAY] Yuuki Asuna - Cheongsam

I love this version! I cosplayed this at home during CNY lmao but I didn't have a shoot until I went back to Malaysia.  Here are a few selfies during CNY. Yes I do have one eye longer than the other lol but it's not too evident until I put on makeup the same way both sides and they end up looking different haha:

And cause I love my makeup so much that day I just camwhored with my stupid hair anyway X"D (I took off the wig that's why it's so frizzy lmao)

And the sneak peek shots from the shoot:

Bonus hahahaha
I've been debating on and off whether to just post the shots I have as I usually get sneak previews fast (around 5 photos) but the rest comes super slow as the photographers have other albums to finish up. I decided in favour of posting first because I really want to share the pictures and waiting would just mean delaying indefinitely. I'll probably make an update post when I get the rest! :)

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