[COSPLAY] Saber Alter - Swimsuit

Sunny day! I absolutely love this shoot because (again!) I can jump and move around in my costume! I should definitely cosplay more lighter stuff so that it's more fun and less work haha. The beach looks perfectly spotless but actually it's chock full of rubbish and debris which were of course photoshopped away. It was so bad and so dirty that I couldn't even swim in it (I can't swim, but I would have at least like paddling in the water haha).

Also I just want to say that I totally forgot that Saber Alter has yellow eyes ;w; so I wore green lens (as per the normal Saber) I'm sorry! Please please please just disregard this mess-up!

I like posting selfies from the day because I like how detailed I can see my makeup :) of course I'm vain also lah hahaha shhhh.

Sneak peek from the shoot!

As usual I'll upload more when I get the pictures and have edited them! Thanks for looking! <3

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