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weapon in the process of being made

I love Re:Zero! It's one of the hottest animes of the season/s, and I'm so hyped that it got two seasons instead of just one ahahaha. So that means 24 episodes yaaaay. I won't go into too much details of why I love it just in case it spoils the fun for someone but I just wanted to say that it is totally not what you'd expect from a seemingly normal harem show full of cute girls. It's sweet, sweet torture. Brutal, but not in a scary way. It's more likely you'd go "wtf why" than scream.

It's dark and it's twisted but in an awesome way.

I love Rem (most people do) who is a side character in the anime. She's adorable and while she seems unemotional she's full of emotions inside that she rarely shows, and she's super loyal and will do anything for the people she loves. I mean, how can anyone not like her? She has a twin sister Ram who is very much like her but is also very unlike her in that she's more level-headed and logical. They both exist together so it wouldn't be the same without the other.  

As I wanted to cos Rem I made one of my besties go watch the anime and she loved it so she agreed to cos Ram with me hahaha. We had a photoshoot and went to VAX the next day. It was her first time cosplaying but I thought she did a pretty good job! Also she knew makeup so that was would be extra difficult if she didn't.

Rem's makeup. She only had one eye so it was easy hahaha.

Her brushessssssss

Full attire and makeup!

on the way to shoot!
idk why she looked pissed but she wasn't hahaha

with photoshop so that I look more youthful lol

reached! somebody having their wedding here.

second part in the shoot where I'm doing a bloody version of Rem in the forest.
 I love the stage blood! It looks real and it's easily washable. Everybody was wondering how I was going to wash it off for the next day.

with our photog! <3

aaaa my Ram is so adorbs

when we reached home hahaha. cuz we were super tired after like 8 hours of shoot.

trying to make a yandere face...
 We were so bloody tired hahahaha we ordered pizza and she fell asleep really quickly but I ended up playing The Sims on her laptop and putting Sims in prison (basically I locked everyone in a room with a refrigerator so they can never die but they get dirty, wet themselves and sleep on the floor.

I know. I'm terrible. That's what the game is for hahahaha.

VAX day:

makeup for today!

Rem again! I can't remember if I photoshopped this, probably not.
isn't my twin fucking cute?

met Emilia at the con! my face looks fat wtf. Emilia is the main female. 

also met my favourite local cosplayer! aaaa I love her <3
also of course my most favourite person on earth who helped us carry all our shit <3
Super tired eventho VAX is just a small event but my friend enjoyed going gaga over Deadpool cosers and stuff, and I had fun being Rem and getting all the attention because it's Rem hahhahaha. I will definitely be cosing more Rem and Ram in the future! They're just so adorable and I love how they carry themselves in the anime. <3

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