21st Birthday

Turned 21st this month :)

When I was little I always wanted a birthday party. Never happened because my parents felt it was too much of a hassle (despite me being the only child lol) and I've always envied the few parties that I attended in my lifetime.

I wanted a surprise sweet sixteen party when I turned 16, because everybody had one, but I knew I would never get one.

I haven't gone onto my personal facebook account (the one with high school friends and so on) for some time but when I actually logged in, I saw a bunch of pictures of people celebrating their all-important 21st birthdays with parties of various magnitudes.

I've always enjoyed planning surprises for friends, so it was a letdown year after year when I never got any back (not that I really minded, I honestly love giving gifts and seeing their surprised faces, but at times you just wish the same thing happen to yourself don't you?). I had a really nice surprise present last year from a few of my best friends, so that was lovely, but I think I'm so used to being let down that I've given up on ever celebrating my birthday.

Also this year made me realize one thing about birthdays and life in general, and that is the only thing that matters are people most important to you and that every other person in this world doesn't matter.
I think I grew up a bit haha.

Anyway this year I celebrated my birthday with parents and my love, which is the most precious and beautiful time of my life. Since I got my head round with thinking that getting to be with my beloved is the only thing I really want for my birthday, I didn't think too much about surprises and presents and all I really thought of was where to find food when he came to pick me up.

At first we decided that we should spend our entire day together on my birthday but my parents last minute decided to bring me out for a birthday lunch (they never really put much thought into birthdays so I didn't think they would want to do anything with me this year) so I told him and he was like eh, then can you come out one day before?

And I was like but I can only come out at night, and cannot go too far. 

He was like that's alright, he's gonna come anyway. 

So I spent the day before my birthday thinking about what to wear and telling my parents I would be missing dinner today. They responded they had plans at a housewarming party that night so they would be eating out too. Then they left earlier than me so when he arrived to pick me up I was alone at home.

I never realized anything was amiss until I noticed him getting out of the car and I was like, why is he getting out of the car?
It wasn't until I was at the gate that I realized he had flowers for me! My favourite pink hydrangeas somemore!! I was so happy I didn't know what to say lol. He kept saying flowers are expensive and that we should only get them when we're taking pictures or something. He didn't even want to buy me flowers in Holland where it was super cheap. 


Somemore hydrangeas need to be flown in from overseas so need to order a week earlier. I didn't know he had plans for my birthday T__T

We ended up having dinner at Winter Warmers! I love love love the wallpaper! I've never been here before so I really like the atmosphere and I thought it was perfect for my birthday cause it's so pretty haha. 

And they have lovely cocktail tea <3

Food was okay but we were there more for the ambience haha. I'm not particularly picky on food as long as it's edible. I can never be a food blogger xD.

When we were done he took me home but we stopped at a nearby playground and I thought we were going to sit and talk for awhile like we often did, but then he took out a box and told me it's a cake. I was like wtf there's more cake! I didn't expect to get a cake. So we lit the candles and I could see the cake a bit cacat (not pretty) and I thought it had fallen off but on closer inspection I realized it's a cake he made himself and not bought off a shop OAO

And he was like - I told you I was working but I didn't and I was so busy because I had to collect the flowers and buy ingredients and make the cake last minute because you changed plans to today instead of tomorrow (actual birthday).

Lolwtf. I never suspected a thing. (see I trust him so much haha)

It's marshmallow crepe. I thought it was pretty good for a first time. At least it looks and tastes like a cake hahaha.

Making my birthday wish <3

I'm really just thankful that I'm with such loving company, and that I'm also grateful for the many Facebook wishes I received. When you grow up birthdays seem to mean less, but the people you're with mean more and more to you.

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