thoughts on caesareans

Baby Wafflu (my adopt), commissioned art by [email protected]

No, I'm NOT having a baby lol.

It's just that I came across a facebook post about c-sections (or caesareans, where mothers are cut open to remove their babies instead of naturally birthing through the good ol' vags.

And I feel very much offended by the assumptions many "natural birth" mothers make on mothers who chose to undergo c-sections: the latter group of moms are criticised as "bad moms" who don't love their babies because they do not want to experience "natural pain". Mothers who went for an epidural are also condemned for the same reason.

Um, what?

As a baby who was delivered through a Caesarean I don't think my mom loves me any less than if she had birthed me naturally. I was in a breech position - for those who don't know, it's when the baby's head is up in the womb instead of the other way around nearer to the exit. A natural birth would be difficult, although it was recommended by the doc (who said Mom could switch halfway to Caesarean if it didn't work out). Obviously she took the straightforward path of less pain. Who the hell would want to endure two different forms of pain?!

Does it mean that she loves me less? Obviously not.
That being said,
some moms just decided that they never want to do natural births for various non-medical reasons.

Like me.

I'm still a far way from all this talk but I have always wanted (like ever since sex ed) for any baby to be cut out from me while I'm 100% unconscious. Or at least half. Do I hate pain? Of course I do. Can I stand pain? Of course I can deal when it comes down to it. Is it morally wrong in any way for me to choose to not experience the pain?

I mean, it's going to end up being more painful afterward and longer heal-time with caesareans anyway lol. The point is, I can deal with any massively painful aftermath, but I'd probably be too traumatised during delivery to even do any pushing lol. I'd just lie there in a pool of blood trying not to faint, which would prolong the whole thing and increase danger toward the baby. Is that a sign of love then? To risk the baby being infected or something?

I also think that sacrificing part of my entire life with the child through so many future actions is already the biggest proof of love and dedication anybody could wish for. Anyone can get preggie and push a baby out of their vag, doesn't mean they love or even want it.

I love children. I would have a dozen if it wasn't so impractical (and fucking painful?) ahahaha. I even considered adoption - like seriously, I don't mind and I really, really want to. In any case it's gonna be more than five years before I should start thinking seriously about this ahaha. What can I say, I'm too snuggled in the comfort of a super promising future with the one I love, so I like to dream about it :)

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