missing lifestyle back home

I miss life back home.

I know I'm really weird but I'm starting to feel homesick after 6 months or so in the UK. Not so much as home but rather I miss the familiarity of my country I suppose. It's always too cold here (although it's too hot there anyway) and it's harder to settle in than it looks. I guess there's a bit of culture shock, not really shock but it's not too easy to fit in when you haven't done before what they usually do all the time.

Oh and it doesn't help that I take forever to fit in somewhere X'D

About my personal hobbies, well it's difficult too because there aren't any cons here, I think they only have one per year. Also all my favourite games I can't play because there's no arcade or cyber cafes. ;; I cry. Also I'm rather lazy doing anything alone x"D and I haven't found a friend who I can bully into joining different stuff with me for fun yet. They're all just classmates on an acquaintance-level? WHY I GOTTA BE SO CHOOSY ABOUT FRIENDS. So I used to have this friend I thought could be my new bestie but we ended up annoying each other too much. Like, dude, we're still on a friendship test stage, why you gotta be so annoying even if it's just a joke to you. Not funny. I am only very very tolerating toward established friends ;;

And I miss milo. Goddamn the last time I attended a Malaysian society event there was milo and I was like YAS HEAVEN SENT. I don't even care about other food. I'm a milo addict and the lack of it has been driving me nuts. No, hot chocolate just doesn't taste the same. I like it too, but milo is milo. ;;

Milo spotted in Chinese store ;; but so expensive

Like I said, it's too cold to want to go out. Every time I leave I freeze up so I rather not step out of my warm heated room. Which makes me super nerdy and lazy staying at home all the time. I want to go to pubs but all my friends don't pub.
So the only time I actually do something is when boyfie comes over to visit and I have the motivation to withstand the cold and go out and have fun. LOL. But then I don't usually go out anyway back in Malaysia. So I don't know why I'm feeling lazier and wasting time here? Maybe it's the lack of social interaction haha.

It's hard finding someone who I'd like to talk to all day every day. Like I see friends in the cafeteria (cause my hostel is catered) but I purposely avoid sitting with them, because I get uncomfortable having to keep up with a conversation that I'm not interested in in the first place, and I don't want to feel awkward when I'm having a damn meal. It's worse when people wait up for me, I eat really slow and I hate to have to speed up just because I feel guilty for making people wait.

So this is why I often prefer to eat alone and do things alone. It's not a bad thing to me, but I just get lazy to go out because I don't like going places alone, but I also hate going out with people I don't really get along with (I tried it and it ruined my entire day ;;) so I just end up staying at home sleeping x"D
I say I miss life back home because it's easier to go out back in Malaysia to play arcade games or watch a movie alone. Or go shopping alone. But it's not fun to do so here I don't know why ;;

One more month ++ and I'm going home! Can't wait to do all the things I want to!! <3

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