Photoshoot: C.C Cosplay (Code Geass)

Herroo humans! :D

I am pretty sure most hardcore anime fans and some casuals have heard and watched Code Geass. It's like, one of the most epic series I have ever watched :D
Initially I was slightly turned off by the robot (is it called mecha?) part of the story cause even though I like Transformers and stuff, robots in an anime is a bit...weird. But Lelouch is too awesome to not continue watching, so I did, and I did not regret at any point.

In fact I was so wowed by the perfect rationality of Lelouch and his match-made-in-heaven-partner C.C that I decided to cosplay as C.C for my first cosplay photoshoot. Now some people might go zomg but you've never cosplayed before, or like have some negative perception towards cosplaying.
Imo I have never been biased toward any hobby (unless you do stuff like collect panties or something ew) and I guess I don't mind being another shoutout proof that cosplayers DO NOT always dress sexily/provocatively and they DO NOT always dress up as maids and shiz.

It is a hobby that allows one to show their love for a certain character, and imo one should only cosplay as a character if and only if one actually watched the series and really like him/her. Some people just cosplay because the characters have fancy clothes or look pretty, but that's not the main point. Some people do wear revealing clothes, but that's only when the characters wear it (like Kill la Kill). Most of the time the characters have a few different outfits, so it's entirely possible to skip provocative clothing entirely.

Plus many cosplayers make their own costumes and weapons and props, so seriously, the best ones out there deserve respect, not being lumped together with brainless humans using cosplay as a way to dress like nobody's business.

So. Now that I have state my stance, let's move on.

I love C.C for her intellect, her cool, level-headed mind and her suppressed emotions that she actually has despite her being not human and all. She loves pizza (yay) and she's always sarcastic but actually a warm loving person inside which I absolutely adore. She's also strong and independent unlike many other female anime characters who are all boobs and looks but no thoughts of their own and always need to be saved. In this case, she is the one constantly saving Lelouch (even though he's already OP as hell).

I'm sorry if I couldn't get her blank/pensive/thoughtful/bored expressions .___. but she is one awesome female character, and I love cosplaying as her. She's very cool. I might even consider doing it again with another main outfit of hers (the black one) when I have the means to do so ;)

Here goes!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Family Guy on while I'm fixing stuff
Oh right I actually forgot my wig cap (gg) so there will be stray brown hair (I TRIED)
There are only indoor shots because it was already night when my makeup was done by Mar. She is literally magic <3 only thing is my eyebrows are brown but ohvellwtv haha.
Buckets of thanks to Blyan as well because he had to end up running errands and buy pins and hairbands and pizza and shiz lol. AND be the photographer. *smothers with hugs*

Not ready lolol I was still fixing =.=

I had to admit I was watching Family Guy. 
The Window Photo. I love the bokehs!
I kinda look like
Favourite picture! I wasn't ready but it turned out quite well.
LOL dis so swag. We had to get Pizza Hut for accuracy sake cause they sponsored CG and C.C only eats Pizza Hut pizzas.

One of the few full body pics. Shame there are so few cuz I like the costume.


Favourite picture again! I think this is my most favourite?
Third favourite. Blyan said I look provocative here. I'm like C.C is supposed to be "innocently sexy" HAHA


Idk why this picture is taken. My nostrils are perfect HAHA.

Favourite too :D
Upside down :3
Mar said I look blur LOL

Full body yay! Otw to the pool :3

Took some outdoor shots at the pool but kinda sucks so nvm.

Lelouch! It's my actual phone wallpaper hahaha.

Selfies after le shoot :D
That's it for this time :D
It was fun!
Wondering if I should do Asuna from SAO or Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo next. Hmm.

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