Petronas Scholarship Interview 2013

Hey I'm back!
To all of you who don't know what happened to me, well I had this invitation to go for an interview day dubbed the Petronas Youngstars Day (yeah, I know sounds cheesy..) for the Petronas scholarship I applied.

I applied for finance by the way. :) 'cause that's the only course choice available that isn't science-related (or non-technical, as they say). JM and YP got the invitation too. Heard that this year they had the line drawn at 7A+ and 2A-. So everyone there are amazing people with excellent results. O.O

We went KL by coach, ended up at 1Utama where my uncle picked us up and took us over to his house. Talked whole night about the possible interview questions and took really funny photos (which they have asked me not to post up haha).

Next day, all of us bundled into the car and were brought to Taylor's University. The registration line is damn loooooooong. I spent my time talking to a Malay girl who moved from Penang to KL a few years ago. Her English was not bad. :) And she said that I didn't speak like I came from a Chinese school. Awesome, right? Haha.

After registration I was placed in Group B. Sat along the row of seats for Group B in the hall for opening speech and briefing. To my right was a Malay girl who didn't talk to me. A girl came up to sit to my left, and we smiled at each other. We exchanged common pleasantries, her name was Daniela. Later after the speech we were bundled into a holding room while Group A people had their interviews. Daniela sat beside me again so we talked quite a lot. :)

I ran out to find JM and YP who came along but their interviews were on the next day. And took some pics together. ;)

Then I left to go back to my room. When Group A are halfway through, we were brought up to rooms upstairs and seated according to our group numbers. Mine was B13, but then changed to B19. We were given a case study and each of us got a different card with a different viewpoint on the case. We were supposed to elaborate upon the points and give suggestions. The Malay guy sitting beside me was from Terengganu, he was quite nice but couldn't speak English fluently, so I had a hard time understanding. But at least he tried. :)

When it was our turn (my group), we left to go to another room some distance away. Individual interview first, so we went in one-by-one. I was last. I was asked to tell them more about myself, and then start giving my views on the case. I had a lot of points, but barely used them because they started questioning me afterward and kept pressing on with the questions. =.=

Anyway, the next round was group interview. We were supposed to discuss and come up with a solution. My group was awesome with it, they were quite proactive. Even the guy from Terengganu did his best despite broken English. So I think that went really well. :)

Everyone was hungry (especially interviewers) because the time was stretched too far (it was the first day, their time management sucks). Lunch was finished really fast and then we had to end up in a holding room again while waiting for everyone to be done. I spent about half an hour talking to the people around me, two of them from my interview group, three just met. I don't know, but I think they were really fun people to be around with. We had this instant rapport among us and I even thought a few of them were old friends, but turned out everyone just met today. Lol. They were very interesting (and smart!) people. Like wow. :D

Later we were split into technical and non-technical groups, and took three tests. First up was Maths for me. For those technical courses they had Science though. I forgot lots of the formulas...after four months. Zzz. Then we had the critical thinking tests, one full of texts, one full of diagrams. Obviously I did better in the texts, finished everything, and as for the diagrams I think I only did half of them. Lolz.

The day ended at 6.30pm, an hour late. Said goodbye to my new friends and left. >.<
I think the best part of the whole interview day was meeting new friends from all over Malaysia and having fun talking to them. Makes me feel that well, KL might not be so bad after all. :)

I don't know if I can get the scholarship. I tried my best after all. ;)
But even if I didn't, I brought home some confidence and many acquaintances.

To all of those who are going for interviews for scholarships or anything, try talking to your "rivals", or well, just people there. You'll be improving on your spoken English + having the confidence to talk to others (especially for shy/Chinese school people) and also get to know new people. Even if you don't get the scholarship later, you will still get some more experience and confidence home. :)

Good luck to all of you on your own scholarship applications and interviews!

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