How to Create a Great About Page

Do you know that the "About" page is the most visited page of all time in a website? It's true. People want to know all about you, especially new visitors. Where better to start than the "About Me" page? Therefore, this page might very well be the first one people go looking for. Besides putting it in an obvious place, you should definitely think of how best to write it so as to attract more readers for your blog. Here are 12 ways you can take as a guide to creating an awesome "About" page.

1. Write it in FIRST person - An "About" page is a great way to make readers feel connected to you. So write the page in a first person view. Unless you're running a major company business, the blog is yours, which makes it a personal thing. So be personal about your About page and make visitors feel that they are warmly welcomed, instead of being serious and formal about your blog.

2. The story of the birth of your blog - Let people know when and why you started your blog. Remember, an About page is all about you. Tell them why you set up the blog, be it due to a special situation, or an awareness to help people, or just an outlet for you to show what you can write and do.

3. What's interesting about you? - Tell people something about yourself. Keep it short and simple! Don't ramble on and on, no one wants to hear your whole life story. It could be a few interesting facts about you, or a summary of your family. Whatever it is, be casual about it.
4. Talk like it's YOU - Be conversational. You're not writing an official letter. You're not writing a college essay. Whatever reasons people come to your blog, they want to know the real you! If you're always overly serious, they will automatically think that you're not that easy to connect to at all.

5. A picture paints a thousand words - Add photos to your About page! It could be you, your family, your pets, your favourite stuff or anything. Photos give life to an otherwise extremely dull page. No matter how interesting your page is, a few photos will give an instant shine to it.

6. Opportunity for your posts - Here is an opportunity to show people your best posts. Link your About page with your top posts of all time, and new visitors will definitely pick up if they're interested. This is a way to market your posts fast as visitors won't have to go searching for posts they may like. Help them get started! Drive them deep into your content.

7. Update your About page often - Often doesn't mean everyday. But you should add or remove information that might not be current anymore, so that your About page stays true to your life. You should review back your page every month or so, and change it if it's not up to date anymore. People don't like to ask about stuff and get an "oh, that's some years ago, I don't do that anymore" answer.

8. Subscription Opportunity - Another great opportunity to call visitors to sign up for your blog. After reading your About page, they might be feeling hugely in tune with you. Take the chance to ask them to sign up at the bottom of the page. It doesn't hurt, and you may be getting more readers that way!

9. A Mission Statement - Maybe you have a mission to turn your blog into one of the bests out there. Maybe there's a mission for you which is related to your blog content, for example conquering a particular mountain in an extreme-sports blog. Put it in your page! Who knows, perhaps some visitors will have the same mission in their life!

10. Have A Disclaimer - Add a disclaimer to your About page, letting people know that your blog strictly represents you and only you. It's a great place where no one will miss it. 

11. Let It Be Known How Often You Post - Don't make readers hang in there without any realistic expectation of when you're going to update your blog. Let them know how often they should expect a new post from you, be it everyday, once a week or whatever your posting frequency is.

12. Include A Colophon - What's a colophon? It's a description of the techy stuff you're using in your blog, for example (blogging platform, system, theme, services for photography, font types, everything.)   It's a great way to give credit for the general things you have for your blog.

So that's it! Hope you find those tips useful. Enjoy writing your About page!
Happy designing!

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