hello and why I am so slow with blogging

Here is the promised chibi that I tempted my old readers from my old blog! Hi!
Kirarax by [email protected]

I apologise it took me so long to get this place up and running, I've been swamped with many essays and stuff, so -

And it took me a lot of time to get this place to look the way I want. I'm a woman of modifications (I can't seem to ever be satisfied with anything premade). I like how it turned out though, I like wide spaces and minimal fluff. And I loveeeee chibis omgosh I didn't intend for chibi art to be the main feature but the cuteness has gone over my head ;w; aaaaahhh if I have unlimited cash I would commission many, many art of my original characters. *rolls*

The chibi on my header is Charurin and she's the perfect-est, adorable-st ever. Yes I designed her and had someone draw her in my favourite anime character's outfit. Art is not cheap but I adore everything about it - the coloring, the details, the signature tsun-tsun expression! I love how everything in the picture is related to Fate/Stay Night, down to Rin's pendant, Rin's legacy dagger, Shirou's dual swords, and books, magic books everywhere. I'll put a picture here just in case I ever change my header.

It's brand new, so please expect how a brand new blog looks like - not much to look at. I've copied all my kinda-meh tutorials over here just in case anyone else needs them (I'm planning to close the previous blog to private), but
apart from that it's very empty. I'm travelling in less than a week and I'll likely bring my laptop along, so new stuff will be in soon.

I'm this super sloth lol.

You know, I'm actually a fast writer. And I usually have new ideas to write about after just a simple walk outside. (which I forget in a heartbeat if I don't note them down somewhere)

So why is it that I spend forever in hiatus and never posting up anything for months?

Because I have literally tons of drafts sitting in my folder. I am very easily distracted and the typical scenario would be me going on and on about some random introduction fluff and never reaching my point after three and a half pages long. Hence the 'save to draft'.

Here's proof from my old blog ;;

I also almost never finish my posts. This is why I don't think I can write for a living because my editor would kill me. I don't even think I can earn from blogging lololol. So most of the time I just keep everything in my head and then forget about them lolz. Such a bad habit. I should also write shorter posts so that I actually finish them.

I am amazed that some people still continue to read my blog even though I post so sparingly. Usually I go on rants that I don't think is too suitable for Facebook and I think nobody wants to read them lol. I will try to keep this blog more varied though, I bore even myself over at my old blog.

How could you guys stand reading my old posts?!

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