ecstatic for my first europe travel

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I am super excited for my first travel around Europe!

I'll be travelling to Isle of Skye in Scotland, then the Netherlands for spring flowers, Belgium for chocolates, then back to UK for Glastonbury (where King Arthur is buried) and London! I made the plans without any travel agency (it's basically having to book all transportation and accommodation by myself, which is a big headache but it saves a ton) and I'm proud of myself cause this is the first time I'm doing this?

I wanted to include Paris in the plans initially because it's just next door to London and Belgium (lol) but we didn't have enough time and budget, and also I have to go to Disneyland so we thought we'd better shelve it until December holidays. (very likely travelling again then!)

Yes, we! I'm soooo hyped because I'm travelling with boyfie and also because I'm casual cosplaying! The idea is that the costumes will mostly be casual enough for going around without
getting too much attention and we can take pretty photos since the scenery will be good. I'm not too invested in the idea of having to do my makeup every day but well I guess it's a good way to practise hahaha since I'm such a lazy ass in real life. And also I'll look pretty in our travel pics lol.

If you want to know what I'm cosplaying as I put it up under my Upcoming Cosplay tab. ;)

Basically 6 x Yazawa Nico outfits, 2 x Shiro from NGNL, Rin and Sakura from FSN, Takagaki Kaede from [email protected] and maybe LL Maki if I can get the piano room.

I'm so nervous about Shiro because it's my first time cosplaying as her (I wanted to damn long ago but I shelved her plans until now because I felt I couldn't do her justice (cool unemotional moe type is the hardest for me ;;). But I got her latest swimwear jacket which is the most beautiful thing ever (I swear my tailor is a goddess) and I'm so, so, so hyped about that version!

Anyway. I'm also excited because we're going to Hallerbos! If you don't know, it is the largest and most beautiful natural bluebells forest in the world. Look at this gorgeousness and tell me if it's not:

I read about it and was like omfg this place is gorgeous and I never thought that I'd be able to fit it into our plans- or the fact that our hosts are willing to drive us there ;; (cries in gratitude
It's going to be a bit early for the bluebells when we go (about a week early?) but let's hope we still get to see!
I'm also happy that we're going to Belgium for the chocolates. It has been my ultimate dream. It has been my motivation for getting into a UK university.

We're also visiting the famous Keukenhof, you know, the biggest flower site in the Netherlands. I can't believe we're going to so many places with flowers haha. I can't wait to see tulip fields, although we might be a bit too early for full bloom hmmm. I'M SORRY THAT I HAVE EXAMS RIGHT AFTER QAQ

And of course we're also visiting Glastonbury. I would switch Glastonbury out for Paris actually (because it's more efficient lol) but the boyfriend insists on going to see his glorious Saber. *spoilers*
If you have watched F/SN UBW, you would know that Tohsaka and Shirou visited Glastonbury where King Arthur is buried so that Shirou can say goodbye to Saber. What better travel plans than to actually do this hahahaha *rolls*

To start off we're going to the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands first. It's a 6 hour drive. :O
It better be fucking worth it lol. Look at this scenery:

:DDDDDD I can't wait!!!! (currently waiting for his plane to land in London~ 40 minutes to go! <3

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