Circle Lens - Freshkon Alluring Eyes Mesmeric Black Vs Mystical Black Review

Never thought I'd do a circle lens review but here it is. Initially I was too lazy to review because I think cosmetic lens are like fashion, one man's meat might be another man's poison, so it would be pointless if I rave about a certain product, only to have people getting it and finding that they didn't like it as much as I do. Same goes to fashion hauls, reviews etc.

I'm only reviewing this because I purchased the wrong colour =.=

First off here is the info on this particular circle lens:
  • 55% water content for optimal comfort
  • Full circle print for brighter eyes
  • Large optical zone - clearer vision
  • Wide power range from plano to -10.00D
  • Long hours wear > 8 hours
You can google the posters/ads so I'm not attaching them here.
Cost RM45 a monthly pair (mine's the monthly one but you can get dailies)
Yes I know it's damn expensive because I think for RM60 you can actually get 3 months worth of prescription lens =.=
Or rather, I think you can get Korean/China made circle lens for like less than RM10 a month worth?

But I'm super scared of them. :/
Too many brands, too many styles, and they don't look very hygienic, being sold like that in glass bottles scattered everywhere at night markets. :/
Plus I've heard horror stories about those cheap cheap lens causing lots of problems. So right, I get my lens (prescription and circle) from actual optical shops. I don't care if it's more expensive. I mean, if those Korean/China lens are good and reliable, why are optical shops not selling them?

Colour: A few months ago (I think it was April) I got the Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Mesmeric Black because they didn't have the Mystical Black colour in my eye power. According to them the former colour is lighter (and more natural) than the latter. So..ok lo, since my first circle lens right, must get a more natural look. It looks black enough. Unfortunately I forgot which colour when I purchased my second pair, so I ended up with a different colour (Mystical Black) instead. Oh well, here's a comparison of the colours should you be wondering which to get.

There is a slight noticeable difference when immersed in the solution. I'm not sure if you guys can see clearly from the above photos but Mesmeric is lighter. When compared, it almost look a bit dark greyish because it's a slightly lighter shade of black. Mystical is much more black with a more defined pattern.

Personally I think it doesn't matter much when I'm actually wearing it. I don't see any clear difference, and I don't think anyone would notice if I'm wearing a different colour in each eye. Maybe because my eyes are very dark brown. Lighter irises might see a difference, I don't know.
If your eyes are like mine and aren't really black, you can actually see a bit of pattern around the outer rim. It isn't really a problem for me because you can only see it clearly close-up.

Mystical Black
Effect: The pattern is quite nice I think. It gives a natural enlarging effect to the iris so your eyes seem brighter. Bonus is you still look like you, because it doesn't make you have a glassy look (and end up looking like a blind person), unlike some other circle lens. If you wanna look totally doll-looking though, this might be too natural for that effect. This is good even for normal days instead of only for parties. Eyes do look bigger, but it's only 14.2mm in diameter so it won't look too fake.

Mystical Black
Oh and you can still pull the look off without too much makeup. Some circle lens are too obviously dolly that you need a lot of makeup (fake lashes, heavy eyeliner etc) to complete the doll look. Here is me without eye makeup (seriously toooo lazy to put anything more than a little blusher every time I go out =.=)

Left with the lens on, right without
Mesmeric Black
With Mesmeric Black circle lens on
Initial Comfort: I don't know about other people but apparently my eyes need some time to get used to circle lens (each new pair). Each time I put a new pair of Freshkon circle lens in for the first time, my eyes show all and every sign of rejection. They turn really red, become so teary I look like I'm crying, hurt like you've been crying for a few hours and generally feel very uncomfortable. An hour later they feel much better, and the second time I put in they don't feel so irritated anymore. The comfort generally increases and after a few times, they feel normal and no more weird symptoms. This only applies to circle lens though, because I have no such problem when it is a normal pair of transparent, prescription lens.

One little note: The packaging case for the lens was too big in my opinion. Too much solution for the lens to immerse in, causing one of it to turn inside out. I didn't know which was the right side up (sometimes it's hard to determine) and I ended up putting the wrong side in. If normal lens with the wrong side up hurts, you can't imagine the stinging-like-hell sensation when I put the circle lens for the first time in, wrong side up. Felt like acid? You bet. =.=
The right side up felt uncomfortable for the first time but nowhere near as stinging as the wrong side up. =.=
Under sunlight
Mesmeric Black
Final Comfort: Was pretty happy with it, used it for more than a month (a little less than two months) and still feeling quite comfortable. I know you shouldn't do it but during the first month I didn't use it everyday (like a few times a week?) so technically should be fine. It doesn't give me migraines either (I get migraines easily and especially when wearing lens). By the way, I have kinda dry eyes (but not too serious), so not all lenses feel very comfortable.

The awesome thing is about it is that a two-month-old Freshkon circle lens feels way way way comfy than a one-day-old Acuvue Advance Plus prescription lens (which is supposed to be really thin and comfy!). Go figure. Maybe it's just me. Maybe my eyes just don't like Acuvue.
Plus it's super easy to put in and take out. It fits to the eye in 3 seconds (may be a bit longer if I just got out of bed and eyes are too dry), taking out is a breeze too because it slides out easily. :)

Mesmeric Black
Verdict: It's obvious from all of the above that I love love love this particular circle lens! Regarding the difference between the two black colours, I can safely say that there is no visible difference at all when wearing, and only slight difference in the case. If you're worried then I can tell you Mesmeric looks lighter, so you can make your decision, but really, there's no difference. Regarding comfort, I can even wear it up to 16 hours straight (6am-10pm) for seven days (when I went to Vietnam for a vacation) and still feel comfortable. My longest record is 20 hours but even though there's minimal irritation at the end of the day, I haven't done it a second time because it really isn't healthy.

Sometimes I fall asleep with them on (for maybe an hour only, not at night) and although of course I wake up to sore eyes, the feeling goes away after a while. For best optical health though, take them out when you're going to sleep and don't wear them for more than 8 hours. :)

Mystical Black
Not really thinking of trying Acuvue circle lens for the moment (because my eyes don't like that brand haha) but might try the brown colour of this Freshkon line, when the new black pair is expired. :P
Of course this is only my opinion. Different people might experience differently because our eyes are unique. ;)

Take care of your eyes, no matter what!

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