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Still Alive

It has been forever since I've updated. It feels like forever. Uni isn't easy nor fun. I'm so sick of studying anything. It's been 18? years since I'm enrolled in some form of educational institution. I painfully want to get away and do something else in life. I'm sure working and all that isn't fun either, but at least I'm not repeating year after year reading books and writing essays and finishing exams. If anything it's writing so many essays that h
as been taking away my joy of blogging. When you've typed so much you don't feel like typing another word in your free time do you?

I can't wait to graduate and do something else with my life, anything.

[COSPLAY] Re:Zero - Rem In the Forest

Hi! Today's post will be on a Rem shoot I did some months ago! I scheduled this shoot because I had a previous "night forest" one under difficult lighting and I wanted to see what I can achieve with natural lighting in a "forest setting", with the blood and all. I'll probably post the previous one later but there aren't many shots from it.

I have two photographers from this shoot, the pictures here mostly are from one of them (the other one only gave me two as of now, they are the first and last pictures in this post so I'll upload the rest when I get them). 


I don't want to spoil anything :( so I can't say anything. 
But Rem gets blood all over her in her "crazy" mode and sprouts a unicorn-kinda horn, which gives her power.  

I'm not really good at being yandere (I usually do tsundere characters lol) so I don't think I did my best, but the pictures turned out really pretty :) The forest area was also very cooling and comfortable to shoot in (it was morning so no mosquitoes). Also the blood washes off with ease so I had no qualms throwing it all over myself haha (but we left the bottle around and it was ant-infested in an hour). Super gross but bf dealt with it (perks of having bf around lol).
I also wished I'm a gymnast or something so I can do the somersaults Rem did :(

[COSPLAY] Re:Zero Beatrice

Beatrice was my second favourite in the Re:Zero series, even though she only appeared in a few episodes. Her actions and behaviours scream INFJ so I was able to relate to her haha. She protects the library and very skilled at spells, so I mainly shot in a potion room and a library-ish office, but also got to shoot in two other theme rooms (pink bedroom and checkered floor room) So this makes for a many different types of moods! Her wig was a pain to wear unfortunately, so I don't think I'll cosplay as her often :(

First theme: Potion room, where I imagined her to mix stuff for powerful spells according to the spell books in her library. It's a very pretty theme!


 Second theme: Checkered floor room. I just took inspiration from a few fanarts (and they had checkered floors!)

driving Subaru out

Third theme: Office/library room. There isn't a library theme and the libraries in Malaysia look NOTHING like hers so we went for this "office" theme. I thought it was pretty good except for the fact that there are no long shelves of books. But there are books.

Last theme: Pink bedroom. I imagined Beatrice's bedroom to be pink (I think it wasn't this pink but wtvs haha) and just had enough time to catch a few shots here. Forgive me for the Puck, I couldn't get a Puck plushie in time so I used my own. Which has stripes that Puck doesn't have!

It was a tough but fun shoot as we had to change the entire feel in every theme, but I'm grateful to my photographer for being so accommodating! I'm really happy with how most of the shots turned out, especially the wide angles as he's good at 'em haha.

Balloon Day

Aaahh I wanted to use the above picture as the header pic for some random future inspiration posts lolol. These were actually from the phone and not from a camera. We were supposed to have a shoot (so we got the balloons a day before) but got into a huge fight and I was super cranky so we postponed the shoot. But since we already got the balloons we decided to go to the beach and try out my wedges (I bought them specifically so I can be tall and walk on the beach.) They were a steal at around RM15 from taobao lol, super pretty too. (they shimmer and has really cute charms)

Do you see the shimmer??

It's so cute!
China: Making Cute Stuff at Dirt Cheap Prices Since Forever.
I told bf that I'll probably wear these for the wedding. He's like you won't be able to find it after so long. WHAT DO YOU MEAN. I STILL HAVE MY 300 BUCKS HEELS FOR HIGH SCHOOL PROM. I just have not worn it since prom lmao. Shoes are unimportant to me. As long as they look cute and are comfortable I'll wear them. The prom shoes are pretty but not comfortable at all ;;

Prom shoes lol because my prom dress was a lace one.

My hair is so long now!

Bae is sooo adorable 

Like me ahahaha

The shoes walked fine, much better than I expected so I wore them to the actual shoot. Unfortunately the dress was so long that nobody could see them hahaha. 

[COSPLAY] Rem and Ram #1

I've been obsessed with this anime series ever since it came out. Like, holy shit the first few episodes (and then the following) had me on the edge of my seat. I didn't fancy the ending bit (explains why I still have yet to watch a couple last episodes lmao) because it became a bit too bullshitty for me, Subaru (main character) became such an intolerable dickhead and too much action/emotions not enough thriller (the first half of the series was super suspenseful and I was disappointed that it didn't carry over to the later part of the series. Also there was not enough content and it became "draggy" and boring. But I should finish it because I love Rem.

So they are supposed to be twin sisters (Rem and Ram), Rem being the younger one. I enlisted the help of my trusted friend Mar to be my Ram because I kinda can't imagine Rem without Ram.

I love the makeup I do for Rem, and I really like how it turns out every time, possibly because I only need to do one eye X"D and also because my natural fringe is the same as hers (on the left side)

Yep I definitely look weird af with both eyes. I should donate one.

Like I cannot stop camwhoring in the car lol

Trying to look emotionless but Mar is laughing her head off 

Finally she looks at me lmao

Original pic hahahaha

Photoshopped version because wants to be fairer and flip fringe correctly.

We shot at this really nice attraction in Putrajaya. I immediately thought of shooting here after watching the series because of the gigantic doors there! It's like the mansion doors (Rem and Ram are maids looking after a super big mansion so it makes sense)
Here's the door!

Welcome <3
 Like yeah this is the shot that I really was after. Tbh it's not that bright it's photoshopped lol there were a lot of people outside (where the brightness is) cause there was a wedding going on nearby and a lot of people were around us. Those were the entrance doors to the attraction so we literally had to temporarily block the area for a few minutes lol.

And yes I was wearing heels so that I can match Ram's height exactly (she's about 5cm taller lol)
Also one thing that I didn't get right were the boobs, Rem should have massive boobs compared to Ram but I'm flatter than Mar lololololz.

More pictures!

I love this shot so much omfg it's so sweet.


Isn't she amazing? Obviously there are some poses/expressions that need work (as do I) because these are only correctable when you see your pictures over and over again and realize what works and what doesn't. But for a first timer that was pretty amazing (please don't ask about mine lmao)
I really had a ton of fun during this shoot although it was extremely hot and I was ready to drop dead lol. I'll be uploading more Rem shoots because I have a few more because I love her to bits. :)
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